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What to Expect

New Patient Paperwork

New Patient Paperwork

We welcome you and your family to our active, fun clinic filled with laughter. We’ve created an environment of tight-knit staff and patients where we know your name and ask you not just about your health, but the special events you have going on in your life.

Our hope is to make your healing an educational process as well. Through your time here and at home, we believe in providing constant education to provide you with the tools you need to obtain your best health.

New Patient Orientation

Portage Lakes Chiropractor

Our goal is to get you out of pain and into maintenance care as soon as possible

When you’re ready to begin, we welcome you to join our new patient orientation right away. Held every Monday at 6 p.m., we invite you and your loved ones to visit us and learn how we can help you. We’ll tell you more about us and cover the aspects of care:

  • How your body was designed
  • What it takes to attain true health
  • How chiropractic care can help you
  • Our vision for the health of you and the community
  • How we eliminate barriers to regular, accessible care

Contact us to learn about other times and dates that may work better for you. We’ll send your New Patient Paperwork home with you to fill out in the convenience of your home and bring with you for your first visit. Likewise, you may also download the new patient paperwork here.

Your First Visit

We’ll do a thorough consultation and discuss what brought you in and your health goals. Next, Dr. Andy will examine you so he can learn more about your health and how we can help. To get a better look at your spine, we will take in-house X-rays.

Depending on your health situation, Dr. Andy will determine if care will begin on this or your next visit.

Report of Findings

After Dr. Andy has had time to review your examination findings, he’ll invite you back to review his report of findings. We’ll discuss your health goals, and he’ll make recommendations for care to help you achieve them.

From there, you’re in control! You can decide if you’d like to begin care and how you’d like to go about receiving care.

Regular Visits

On a typical visit, we’ll welcome you and provide your adjustment. We respect your time, so we try to get you back to your day, feeling great, in less than 10 minutes.

We’re eager to help you get out of pain and live better. Contact us today and let’s set up a time for you to join our new patient orientation!

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