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Patient Reviews for Pamer Chiropractic Health Center, Inc.

We appreciate our patients and the nice things they say about us. If you’re ready for a partner in your health journey, please contact us today.

Very Satisfied!

Totally confident in obtaining excellent care from my chiropractor! Very satisfied!!

– T.S.

Warm Friendly Staff

My parents went to this practice when it was still Dr. Parker’s office. They went because of the faith based staff, excellent care, and customer service they received. That was almost a decade ago, but they still recommended that I go here after my recent car accident. I have not been disappointed. The facility is clean, warm, friendly, and easily accessed, and the staff have been nothing but kind and helpful. I have every intention of continuing my chiropractic care at Pamer Chiropractic and will ardently refer any and all who ask.


A Partner In My Health Journey

“I came to Dr. Andy in January of 2015 with severe daily vertigo, a non existent immune system and a variety of symptoms that kept me from functioning on a normal level. After 5 years of continued health struggles, I was ready for a natural approach and a doctor who had some idea as to what was going on. At that time I couldn’t drive, had a one year old to take care of and desperately needed help. After just 2 weeks, my vertigo was ceasing for short amounts of time and I was able to finally get REM sleep. By March I was driving short distances on my own, my digestion was improving and quality sleep was happening every night. I no longer woke up shaking, weak and dizzy. As the retracing and healing began, Dr Andy made sure to keep me encouraged and assured that my body was dealing exactly what it was supposed to with the regular adjustments.

As we continued to work together, Dr. Andy truly became a partner in my health journey. We brainstormed possible theories and experimented with different approaches to bring the best relief. He is always open to my latest ideas and needs. He even made a house call one week where I had a setback and couldn’t leave the couch. I still have the vertigo, but am able to have a normal daily routine as mom to a toddler, with a few adjustments. Regular chiropractic care is a priority in our family.

Not only did he pray over me at my very first appointment, he has continued to do so. Dr Andy has been a fantastic doctor, support and friend, and he and his staff continue to encourage and cheerlead me towards optimal health. My son and I continue to see him weekly and I have recommended him to all my family and friends. We will continue to trust Dr Andy with that need and are incredibly grateful for all he has done for our family.”

– L.C.

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